Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TWD: Chocolate Truffle Tarts

Thank goodness it's still Tuesday on the West Coast! I have been lost in new-job land and barely made these delicious tarts in time. Short post today, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this recipe. The chocolate pate brisee dough was easier than expected to work with and baked up tender enough to give under gentle pressure from a fork.The filling was like a fudgey brownie crossed with a chocolate souffle. The softened cubes of white and milk chocolate and biscotti bits added a wonderful dimension. Here I must admit that a grocery store panic resulted in my using McVities digestive biscuits (ala Will and Kate's wedding cake) and Toblerone White in place of the biscotti and white chocolate. Still, Chocolate Truffle Tarts were a bona fide hit! Find the recipe on pages 382-383 of "Baking With Julia" or check in with one of our wonderful hosts!

Steph at A Whisk and a Spoon
Spike of Spike Bakes
Jamie of Good Eats and Sweet Treats
Jessica of Cookbookhabit


  1. Oh, I hate when work gets in the way. ;) Ooh, the tart sounds great with digestives.

  2. Hope things calm down for you at work.
    I hope your dessert was as royal as the ingredients :-)

    1. Thanks Wendy and Cher! What a lovely group to be a part of! :)

  3. Nice recipes but it took me a long time to find the pearl sugar in Australia. I finally found "Swaffels" online http://swaffels.com/pearl_sugar.html Perhaps this will help some of your Aussie cooks!