Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TWD:Oasis Nan

I came a bit late to the wonderful world of kitchen gadgets. Growing up, we had a yellow mixing bowl, metal soup spoons, one set each of plastic cup and spoon measures, and a wire whisk shaped like a tornado. My mom whipped up a menagerie of sweets in our sparsely equipped kitchen, and, although neither of us knew it until later, in doing so taught me how to improvise. Culinary school and years in professional kitchens introduced me to new tools- some inspired (micro plane! How I love you!) to downright stupid (egg separator? You have 5 on the end of each hand.) At any rate, I can't help but wonder if one tool I never saw much use for would have salvaged this bland recipe.

Would a baking stone have rescued my nan? It turned out much more like a poorly made pizza crust than any nan I have eaten.  I followed the dough recipe exactly and the shaping instructions as well as possible, though my careful rounds turned to amoebic shapes when transferred to the oven. The only changes I made were with the toppings. I got bored with scallions and tried other herbal combos, even stuffing a couple with raisins, fennel seed, and sugar. They all came out leaden and unappetizing, even when warm. On the other hand, playing nan Frisbee with the leftovers was pretty fun!

Anyone else feeling let down by this recipe?

A big thank you to hosts Maggie of Always Add More Butter and Phyl Of Cabbages and Kings!


  1. Sad. I love nan. A place in New Haven has a really sweet-flavored one that looks like confetti cake. Try, try again!

  2. Sorry this wasn't a hit for you.
    I don't think the stone would have changed the texture though - they do look pretty...